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To get the best vision, the right contact prescription is absolutely crucial. The team of experienced ocular specialists at the OC Optometry Group in Newport Beach, California, performs thorough contact lens exams in a convenient location. You can get contacts for eye problems, colored contacts, disposable contacts, and more. The team always schedules you sooner rather than later, and any emergencies are usually seen on the same day. Schedule a visit with the friendly OC Optometry Group team online or by phone now.

Contact Lenses Q & A

How do I get a contact lens prescription?

Your OC Optometry Group doctor will give you a contact lens prescription after your comprehensive eye exam. Because the OC Optometry Group offers a wide range of contact lenses, your optometrist can help you choose the lenses that best fit your lifestyle.

What are the options in contact lenses?

There are contacts to suit nearly every need, including:

  • Daily wear lenses that you throw away each night
  • Extended wear lenses that you dispose of after a month
  • Contact lenses for eye conditions like astigmatism
  • Colored contact lenses in both prescription and nonprescription

Your optometrist can help you order your new lenses, and a trained optician will fit your new lenses to make sure they're working as they should.

Should my child get contact lenses?

Although your child's eyes can technically accommodate contact lenses as early as infancy, most kids don't have the motor skills and maturity needed for contact lenses until they're 8-11 years old. Some kids may need to wait another year or two.

There are also some kids that are perfectly happy with eyeglasses and don't ever want contacts. Your child's eye doctor at the OC Optometry Group can help you determine if contacts are right for your child, and the right time for your child to begin wearing them.

Is it okay to wear contact lenses overnight?

Although you can wear some extended wear lenses overnight, the OC Optometry Group doctors usually don't recommend this since it can raise your risk of eye infections. If you want to wear your contact lenses overnight, talk to your eye doctor about it to make sure that you get lenses that give your eyes maximum oxygen exposure while you sleep.

Do I still need to have glasses if I get contact lenses?

Although you don't have to have both glasses and contacts, most people find it the most convenient option. If you ever have a problem like dry eyes or red eyes, switching to glasses for a day or two can give your eyes the break they need.

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