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The OC Optometry Group has a 40-year history of delivering the best in ocular care to Newport Beach, California, patients. All the team members at the OC Optometry Group pride themselves on being friendly, welcoming, and supportive of each and every patient who walks through their doors. Dr. Matsuyama officially retired in April 2019 and passed the baton to Dr. Ali. After 40 years of dedicated Optometric care he decided it was time to move on to the next big chapter in his life- Retirement! We wish him the best and miss him very much. Click here to learn more about the team at OC Optometry Group.

The OC Optometry Group offers comprehensive eye care for all ages, including thorough exams, contact lenses, glasses, pediatric care, ocular disease and trauma, computer vision syndrome, dry eye syndrome, and much more. Whether you're bringing your child to his or her first eye exam, choosing from an excellent selection of glasses, getting help for an urgent eye problem, or something else, the OC Optometry Group offers the best in support at its convenient Newport Beach location. The OC Optometry Group team always tries to fit an emergency into their schedule and strives to see patients sooner rather than later for all their eye care needs.

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Virtual Conferencing

Conquering lighting, reflections and angles of our computers and making them compatible with our existing glasses.

New COVID-19 Protocol

According to guidelines, we will start seeing regular patients in our office using the below protocol to ensure the health and safety of all patients and staff.

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