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Dry eye syndrome causes problems like itchy and red eyes. It’s a common issue for older adults, but dry eye syndrome can affect anyone. Over-the-counter remedies aren’t much relief when you’re dealing with dry eye syndrome, so reach out to the experts at the OC Optometry Group in Newport Beach, California, for a lasting solution. You’re always scheduled sooner rather than later, and emergencies are seen on the same day. Book online or by phone now.

Dry Eye Syndrome Q & A

What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome happens when your eyes don't make enough tears, which means that you don't maintain a healthy tear film. Although the most obvious symptom of dry eye syndrome is obvious (dry eyes,) there are also other significant symptoms in most cases. These include:

  • Bloodshot or red eyes
  • Eye discomfort or pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • A feeling of eye graininess

If you have dry eye syndrome, your symptoms may become so severe that it's difficult to go about your normal day. Everyday tasks like reading, working on the computer, and driving may be difficult with dry eye syndrome, so getting help is important.

Why does dry eye syndrome happen?

The cause of dry eye syndrome can vary. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Seasonal allergies like pollen
  • Age (as you get older, you naturally produce fewer tears)
  • Medications that dry your eyes out
  • Diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and lupus that decrease tear production

During your dry eye syndrome exam, your OC Optometry Group doctor will do diagnostic tests that may help determine the origin of your dry eyes.

How does the doctor treat dry eye syndrome?

There are several effective treatments for dry eye syndrome. The treatment depends on your symptoms, coexisting medical conditions, and specific needs. Some of the common dry eye syndrome treatments include:

  • Prescription eye drops to boost your own natural tear production
  • Prescription eye ointments to soothe the eyes
  • Warm compresses to alleviate discomfort

Although one of the treatments above will generally solve your dry eye syndrome symptoms, severe cases of dry eye may require a minor eye procedure. Your eye doctor can insert punctal plugs into your tear ducts during an outpatient surgery.

Punctal plugs prevent your tears from draining, and therefore they allow you to retain a healthy tear film. There are two types of punctal plugs: temporary ones made of dissolvable collagen and permanent ones made of soft silicone. If dry eye is a long-term problem for you, the permanent punctal plugs may be the best option.

Your OC Optometry Group doctor will customize a dry eye treatment just for you. Book your appointment online or by phone now.