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When you’re dealing with ocular trauma, time is the most urgent factor in preserving your eye health. The team at the OC Optometry Group in Newport Beach, California, always schedules the most urgent situations first so they can treat you exactly when you need it. Emergencies are always seen on the same day. If you’re dealing with eye trauma, get in touch with the OC Optometry Group team online or by phone to schedule your ocular trauma treatment now.

Ocular Trauma Treatment Q & A

What are the most common kinds of ocular trauma?

There are a variety of ocular traumas. Some of the most common include:

Foreign body

If you have a foreign body in your eye, it's a painful and serious problem. Whether the object is a grain of sand, a tiny shard of metal, or something larger like a fish hook, immediate removal is important. However, you should have an experienced optometrist like the doctors at the OC Optometry Group to perform the removal. If you try to extract the object yourself, you might push it further into your eye or cause further damage to the delicate tissue.

Corneal abrasions

Corneal abrasions — scratches on your eye surface — may be invisible, but they're often very painful. This type of ocular trauma can come from a fingernail scratch, a collision with a tree branch, or many other things. You may also have light sensitivity, creating red or watery eyes. If you ignore it, your eye can become more vulnerable to infection via even a tiny scratch.

Swollen eye

There may be many reasons for a severely swollen eye. Whether you accidentally collided with a football, walked into a wall, or something else, a swollen eye can be incredibly painful. Your eye may become so swollen that you can't see out of it at all. You may be able to alleviate swelling and pain with a gentle ice pack application until you get to the OC Optometry Group. It's important to have your eye doctor examine it so he or she can check your internal eye structures for damage.

Any kind of sudden eye damage counts as ocular trauma, but the things listed above are among the most common kinds of ocular trauma.

What should I do if I have an ocular trauma?

If you're dealing with any type of ocular trauma, it's an urgent situation and you should contact your eye doctor right away. The OC Optometry Group sees emergencies on the same day. Ocular traumas usually worsen if you try to ignore them, so don't take any chances.

What is the treatment for ocular trauma?

Depending on the type of ocular trauma, your doctor can prescribe eye drops, an eye patch, or even surgery for severe ocular trauma. The OC Optometry Group always strives to alleviate your ocular trauma as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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