Virtual Conferencing

In the midst of a global pandemic, many of us find virtual video conferencing now an essential part of our every day job performance.  Unlike younger generations, we may find this task daunting.  In researching Hollywood's secrets, this is what I have learned:

1. Lights should be high above you and angled downward, softer lights cause less reflection.

2. Tilting the face, and subsequently, the glasses downward help to avoid direct shine on the lens.


3. Since your home set up may be different from your office set up, your intermediate distance may vary somewhat.  You may feel the need to adjust your computer bringing it in closer/moving it away, as the prescription was designed with your office set up in mind.


If you find you need to have your glasses adjusted to accommodate your home office or face mask, feel free to call the office to set up an appointment.  We wish everyone good health.

Lisa Dao Lisa Dao Lisa has been with the practice for over 18 years, has over 30 years optometric experience, and is the most senior team member. She knows every detail of every patient, both on an optical and on a personal level. She is our Lead Optician and responsible for day-to-day operations and our high quality of customer service. Her sense of glasses, frame style, and individual fit is impeccable. Patients frequently request her opinion on a certain frame and also inquire into Lisa’s own wide collection of frames.

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